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Secure Access Service Edge is a concept in network and IT security that aims to help businesses better protect their IT environments while also improving the work environment for employees. It combines various security and networking technologies into a single platform to provide better control and visibility.

Traditionally, businesses have built their IT infrastructure in a local data center, supported by a network of computers and servers. Access to these systems was typically done through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) provided over the internet. However, this type of access is often prone to errors, particularly when it comes to security.

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IT security

SASE provides a new approach to IT security by combining multiple technologies into a single platform. VPNs are replaced by zero-trust networks that regulate access to applications and services based on user and device profiles. Other technologies such as firewall, secure web gateway, and DNS security are also integrated to create a comprehensive security strategy.

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Real time data

Another advantage of SASE is that it enables better control and visibility by providing real-time data for monitoring network traffic and security events. This is particularly important as businesses are increasingly working remotely and using multiple cloud-based applications and services.

IT security must always come first.