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In today's world, almost all processes and facilities are operated electrically or run with significant involvement of electrical devices and controls. Energy consumption and energy savings determine the ecological value of smart functions in private households or businesses.

There is no way around the topic of sustainability anymore. Schwarz Works relies on well-thought-out and inherently sustainable implementations, from planning to completion and maintenance.

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From the thirst for knowledge, innovations emerge - we work with passion and dedication to constantly improve ourselves in these dynamic and fast-paced industries, and to stay current with the latest advancements in technology. This allows us to provide our customers with the most effective and sustainable solutions.

As our areas of responsibility extend far beyond traditional electrical engineering and complement each other very well, we are able to assist our customers in minimizing the number of contact persons. This enables us to promptly address any issues or malfunctions that may arise and resolve them in a solution-oriented way.

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  • One contact person instead of several

  • The most modern "state of the art" technology
  • Cool and well-trained employees

  • Sustainable solutions

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The success story of Elektro Schwarz in Kaprun began in 1997. The company quickly positioned itself as a reliable partner in the field of electrical engineering in the Pinzgau region. Since 2021, the two junior bosses, Stefan and Thomas, have been firmly integrated into the company. Elektro Schwarz became Schwarz Works, with Gerald Schwarz as managing director. "More than energy" is the new guideline of Schwarz Works. As a family business with the following four business areas, Schwarz Works is motivated to start into the future.

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