Glass fiber – ultra-fast into the future

"There, digitalization becomes child's play.

Secure, stable, and long-lasting data transmission is indispensable in both private and professional life. The fiber-optic technology meets these needs and guarantees ultra-fast data transfer. Furthermore, the fiber-optic cable does not emit signals and ensures a high level of security. With fiber-optic technology, a future-proof technology is secured for companies or homes!

Technology is developing at a rapid pace today, enabling faster changes and progress, whether at home or in business.

Artificial intelligence, edge computing, virtual reality, the internet of things, and cybersecurity are not just buzzwords of the future. No, they are already part of our everyday life.

With fiber-optic technology, it is possible to offer a future-proof technology."

The fiber optic technology begins where the copper cable ends

The average data traffic doubles every two years.

The typical fiber optic cable has an average performance of up to 10 Gbit/s or more. This beats copper cable by a long shot. More bandwidth means that the cable can transport more information per second with the same cross-section. Especially in today's times, greater bandwidth is of very high importance. Processing speed can be an advantage in competitiveness these days.

Cyber Security

Using fiber optic technology for increased data security

Data in the fiber optic system is secure - really secure! Unlike copper, the fiber optic cable does not emit signals and is extremely difficult to tap into. In addition, all electronic equipment and hardware can be centrally located at one point, rather than being placed at various distributors and cabinets.

Electromagnetic interference is also no longer an issue with fiber optics because glass is not conductive, making it impossible for radio disturbances from printers, transmitters, or other devices to occur.

The advantages

  • Stable connection and excellent voice quality
  • Terabit Speed of the future
  • Own bandwidth - no sharing with neighbors
  • Own fiber optic connection
  • Hybrid system
  • Lower maintenance costs and high durability

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